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MyBusinessCatalog_Start License 6.5.0: Digital product catalog on CD with internal order creation and submission system ate information on your products while allowing them to create an order and submit it by email without ever browsing your website. Until recently, businesses that wanted to create a product catalog had only one choice - hire a company or an individual to develop one for them. This could literally cost hundreds of dollars. Now with MyBusinessCatalog Gold, anyone can make a catalog in minutes without any creative ability or knowledge of Macromedia

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are help - Article - Press-release - Web pages 2) For notifying the developers of a bug/misprint in the software/manual 3) For filling in a form or a survey (example) 4) For notifying the developers of a keygen or a serial number for the software that can be freely accessed 5) For offering to create a national webpage of your product and for its constant updating 6) etc., you can read more here (link) 7) Your variant To be exact, it`s a barter deal

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Multiple HTML File Maker 2.3: Create your own web catalogs and large sites.
Multiple HTML File Maker 2.3

ave received wide acceptance and are very easy to maintain, but at a certain level of popularity can overload your server, which may not be able to handle the traffic and may require investment to increase its capacity (memory, bandwidth, etc.). To solve this problem, Multiple HTML File Maker allows you to create thousands of description pages which will be easily identified by search engines. Using one datafile, you can create your own web-catalogs

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MX php online catalog 1.2

any web programming or web design knowledge , no complicated mysql database installation, all you have to do is upload the script to your server and it`s running. It`s that easy , in maximum 15 minutes you will have your own online catalog for your bussiness . The catalog can be used for any kind of presentation : product presentation, real estate, auto dealer, portfolio, any kind of business. - easy installation - no mysql database - easy administration

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